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Backyard Brains

Pictures from the early years of (and before) Backyard Brains

Our Potential Office Space Entrance
Our potential future shared office space, in the basement of the Google building on Liberty Street__. Its Perfect for Us
Tech Transfer clean bill of health.  Invention Disclosure approved by UM Tech Transfer Office
Weekly Meeting Place. Tim and Greg arrive with their respective transports to their weekly meeting place on South University
Qdoba Business Meeting.  A lunch meeting with our local Business Mentor Gerry Roston. Greg suddenly feels a strange desire to work on Surface Mounts and EagleCAD.
Our Potential Office Space Entrance.  Waiting for our friend Jason, while the smell of townie indulgence wafts around the corner. . .
From our friends at the "One Labtop per Child" Project. With our SpikerBox and the OLPC, you now have a complete solution for inexpensive spikes.
New Ostentatious Business Cards. A combination of fancy printing technology while trying to stay true to our low-fidelity roots
Evan, a local high school student, joins our team to help with the XO interface and circuit building. Notice our home workshop has expanded!
With a new circuit design, we feed our first spikes into the XO! We are still working with the folks in Boston to debug the recording issues. Stay tuned.
We get primo office space in downtown Ann Arbor. We move in with some electronics parts catalogs from Mouser and Digikey, and a microwave. Thats all you need__.
ByB on the University of Michigan Homepage. Backyard Brains goes Hollywood.  ByB getting a plug on the University of Michigans homepage.

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