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Backyard Brains

Pictures from the early years of (and before) Backyard Brains

Society for Neuroscience 2008.  The birth of this company, November 16th, 2008, when we presented our prototypes at SfN.
Our first business meeting.  And first meeting minutes. . .  Well attended by all employees.
Making our first business cards!
Homemade cards: We pass on the savings to our customers
RPM demo. Good communication is key to a well-run company.
Tim at Frys electronics in Silicon Valley
The busted OpAmp replaced.  Too bad it wasnt the correct one.
Demo at Google.   A bit late. . .
Garage Inventors.  With garage invention
Venture Capitalists.  About to listen to our business idea__.
Incorporating Backyard Brains.  Via Legal Zoom, we officially incorporate in the State of Michigan.
Greg and Tim working on the Spikerbox.
Backyard Brains first press event.  Sponsored by UM Engineering
La Cucaracha. A Cockroach Instar who has given up one of its legs for science.
UM Engineering Expo. Passers-by enjoy visiting with the cockroaches
The End of Innocence.  Our mentors told us we need more professional business cards. We finally listened. . .
Cockroach Sorting. Our friends sorting the live from the dead cockroaches on our latest shipment.
Meeting with our patent attorney. Douglas Wathen thinking deeply about patents
Spikerbox Prototype 2.  On display in a Kerrytown coffeeshop
Backyard Brains chooses Mike and TCF Bank for financial transactions. Opening Small Business Account
Joseph Krajcik, Professor of Science Education at the University, examines our device and gives us advice. Thanks Joseph!
Submitting SfN Abstract. At our usual business meeting center, we submit our abstract to this years Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago. See you in October!
In his day job, Tim (in blue shirt) teaches scientists how to do neurophysiology__.expensively
Looking for Science in Ann Arbor.  We had a meeting with a local start-up about sharing office space. He told us to meet him in the famous graffiti alley. . .

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